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Healthy School Planner

The Healthy School Planner is a free tool that schools can use to assess the current health environment and build a plan to make improvements. The tool offers tailor-picked advice to outline the steps for moving forward and also an evaluation chart to keep track of your progress.

Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for Health

Heart Healthy Lesson Plans

A resource for elementary teachers to use with their class, which promotes participation in physical activity. Each plan is tailored for a specific grade, from kindergarten to grade eight, with suitable lessons and activities for kids of all ages. Lesson plans include step-by-step instructions for games and workshop, and provide background information.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart Smart Kids Guide

An intermediate grades resource to teach students that it isn’t a chore to be healthy – it’s fun and it’s easy. Four teaching modules focus on healthy eating, active living, being smoke-free and making healthy choices in a real-life situation.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

in motion Older Adult implementation guide

A resource guide on how to implement physical activity programs that will motivate older adults, as well as a program called Forever…in motion. The general goal of Forever…in motion is to increase opportunities for physical activity among older adults living in congregate housing. The target group is adults 50 years and over.

The in motion initiative